Mixer Window Disappears

Whenever I minimise the main mixer window (not the lower zone one) the mixer disappears entirely.

I can eliminate the behaviour by unplugging my second display…now the minimise works as expected. But when repositioned onto second display, as desired, I can use it initially, but as soon as it’s switched off the mixer window then becomes non-reopenable in either maximised or minimised form after switch off. (Windows 11)

All other Dorico windows work ok and can be dragged from screen to screen with no ensuing issues.

Can you bring back the mixer window with the little trick I outlined in this thread?

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Hi, those instructions are excellent. I’d been trying along those lines and failing, but following exactly your detailed procedure worked perfectly.

OK the window mixer was gigantic and took a bit of manipulation to size, but it was there. However, sadly, when I closed and reopened the window had slipped halfway off the screen, and on a second close reopen it was 95% off the screen. A third close reopen and it was back to being completely off screen.

Thanks for your very quick help. Do you have any further ideas to stabilise the situation. I would assume it’s pretty common to put the mixer on a second display so guess that the majority of users are not getting this issue?

Unfortunately I have no further insights on how or why that happens with the windows, or what one could do to avoid or mitigate the situation.