Mixer window gone and can't get it back?


I started Cubase 6 Artist and now I my mixer window is gone. It has been there for months but it seems like it has gone out of view and can’t be restored or something? Tried Window -> Restore All and it doesn’t work.

I really need this fixed ASAP seeing I’m doing a remix contest that needs to be finished at sunday.

Thanks in advance!

BTW; I googled the problem and found many people who had the same problem. They fixed it by reinstalling but I really don’t want to do that prior to the remix contest if something would suddenly stop working.

Check if you have scrollbars somewhere, the mixer might be out of view.
If, not the quickest fix is to trash prefs. Search the knowledgebase for more info on that.

I tried trashing the preferences (went into C:\Users****\AppData\Roaming\Steinberg and changed name on the Cubase 6_64 folder) but it didn’t help. It did however fuck upp my other settings so it wasn’t of good help.

Any other idea?

It may well be off screen, if you don’t have scroll bars as suggested earlier, then try changing the screen resolution and see if you can find the mixer, then drag it back to centre screen before putting the resolution back to normal.