Mixer Window - solo selected tracks, QLink Broken?

Still feel like I’m learning my way around N13 changes… Here’s a dumb one:

In MIXER window I have multiple selected channels. I used to click ALT+Shift (aka Q-LINK) and click S for solo selected channels. Since N13 this does not enforce QLINK but instead defaults to Solo Defeat. Why does ALT+Click and Solo Defeat override the traditional Q-LINK function ( Temporary Link Mode to synchronize all touched parameters of selected channels)?

Can I not Solo multiple mixer channels using Q-Link anymore? What am I missing?


This is known and already repotred issue. Thank you.

At this moment, unfortunately the only way is to enable the Q-Link manually.

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Thanks for the confirmation. Glad to know I’m not losing my mind.

Is there a public list of known/reported issues? Would be a handy public reference.