Mixer window won't stay put

I’m using 2 monitors, trying to park a mixer on the top screen, but when I close them reopen the file the mixer window is back on the bottom monitor. Advice?

Mac or PC?

Works as expected for me w/ 4 monitors on a PC. Whatever Windows that were open when the Project closes are re-opened in the same locations.

Maybe play with this setting

Thanks, but that didn’t work. Looks like all I can do is size the mixer as large as possible without it snapping to full size, then it stays put. but I can’t maximize it or else it goes back to the the other monitor

Try using Workspaces to set it up, so you can at least easily restore the layout.

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I also have a 2 monitor setup on PC and it always opens (fullscreen) on my right monitor. But the mixer will always open on your ‘main display’ at startup. So make sure your top screen is your ‘main display’ in "Display Settings. Then it should work.

What @raino said, workspaces ftw!!!

That’s not the case here. My MixConsole Window(s) always opens on whatever monitor it was previously - which is almost never on the main display.


'cause they do behave differently on occasion…

Oops, your right! I based my conclusion on older versions of Cubase (pre-workspaces) where Windows handling was always a bit problematic. Opening of the mixer windows would always default to the main screen or the main window of Cubase itself? But with last versions with workspaces it makes it very easy to control your screen layouts .

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