Mixer with multitrack USB recording - Allen & Heath Zedi 10?

Hello everyone! I am currently looking for a mixer allowing multitrack USB recording. So far I found the A&H Zedi10, the (so far) only mixer I found in the low price category that allows multitrack recording. They advertise this as an 4 in / 4 out, 24-bit/96kHz USB audio interface, which if I understand correctly should mean I can record 4 tracks seperately?

This seems alright, however before jumping into buying this mixer I would like to know is possible to get a mixer that allows multitrack recording on more tracks (6-10), without having to get a mixer AND 6-10 track interface seperately…

Here’s a small list with requirements within a mixer I am looking for so it’s all clear for you guys :slight_smile: :

  • multitrack USB recording (at least 6 tracks, prefferably around 10)
  • EQ with lows/mids/highs (sweepable or graphic for more control would be a plus, but not necessary)
  • the Zedi 10 costs 200 euros, so something around this price class

Thanks a lot, have a lovely day!