Mixer zones disappearing

If I switch between projects the mixer zones disappear and goes back to default.
Not all the time but enough, anybody come across this and a solution?

Cubase 11.02 build 371

Have not seen anything unusual regarding Zones here.

Perhaps you could post a few screenshots to illustrate the issue. It’s hard to visualize what you are seeing based on a brief text description. Specifically what do you mean by “disappears”?

It is impossible to read anything out of these two screenshots without any accompanying description.
I mean, are they even the same mixer (Cubase Pro 12 has 4 “individual” mixers)?

Yeah, I don’t know what to make of the images either, other than both look normal as far as I can tell. What are these supposed to show us?

@spottydog10 you need to supply enough information about the issue you are having or nobody here will be able to help you or offer any suggestions. I still have no idea what you mean by the subject line “Mixer zones disappearing”

I’m not sure what more info is needed.
In fig 1 you can clearly see groupings on both left and right and in the second image they have disappeared and turned into the default configuration including the MIDI channels which I had previously set to be hidden.
It’s Cubase 11 as stated in the OP.

I still can’t tell if the two screenshots are of the same mixer.

Yes mate, the same mixer.
When the groupings disappeared I took a snap shot and then loaded a backup with how it should have been. It’s the same mixer in both cases which is why it’s a pain.
It seems to happen when switching between different projects but not every time, just enough to be annoying.

Well actually your very next lines are exactly the “more info” I needed

It may be clear to see. But unless you know this is what to look for it is not all that noticable or obvious. Posting just the pics without any description is like playing Where’s Waldo except it’s Where’s the Problem.

First things to check would be Channel Visibility Configurations, Channel Visibility Agents and the Channel Type Filters

If you are using Workspaces, they might also be involved.

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