Mixer zoom lock

It should be possible to Lock the mixer zoom, or at least make it separate from the project window zoom. I never adjust the mixer zoom during normal work. To me this feature is very frustrating! Each time I have cliked somewhere in the mixer, I am actually zooming channels in stead of zooming the project window as I intended… This behavior leads to a lot of extra cliking and slows down the workflow.


The identical shortcuts “g” and “h” for mixer zoom and arrange zoom drive me nuts! !

Different strokes for different folks! Having consistent zoom keys works really well for me…



No need for me to constantly change mixer zoom. But now happens accidentally all the time.


It should be possible to delete keycommands for zoom in mixer and zoom in project window separately.
That would solve this.



Oh man, this is getting on my nerves…

I’m accidentally zooming mixer in and out all the time, instead of edit window!
Another feature with Zero improvement in workflow!

+1 for lock


Yes, they did it!

Thanks a lot, Steinberg!

Where is this feature?

Drop down Functions menu in the mixer>Zoom>Use Standard Zoom Commands

Uncheck it.

I didn’t know either. This is great. Now we just need the zoom controls to work on the project window or edit window even if the mixer is in focus.


+1 to that.