Mixer-Zoom + switching workspaces = crash

Bug "Cubase crashes when switching workspaces after zooming in Mixer with Zoom keys “G” and “H” ".


Windows 10 64-Bit; Cubase 9.01

  • Minimal Win-10 Installation (only Cubase + Plugin- dll’s)
  • Win updates Jan. 2017
  • “a Cubase only PC”

    Initial situation (for “clean” - testing):
  1. Cubase closed
    1.1 all VST- Plugins deactivated (all my VST- folders renamed to *.BAK)
    1.2 …%MyUsername%%appdata%\Steinberg"Cubase.xxx" renamed to “Cubase 9.BAK” (forcing Cubase to create “clean profile”)
    1.3 Let Cubase write a new “clean userprofile” …waiting
    1.4 Closing Cubase again (for copying old Workspaces.xml)
    1.3 Workspaces.xml from Backup- Folder “Cubase 9.BAK” copied to current %appdata%\Cubase… folder

    Description to reproduce the bug:

  2. Cubase Start

  3. I create an “empty project”

  4. creating 24 Audio tracks (just to have some mixer channels)

Switching through my 6 workspaces–without touching the Zoom–
–> still everything OK

  1. Now zoom IN and OUT via “G” und “H” keys in mix console (width of mixer channels)
    –PLUS Switching through my workspaces–
    –> CRASH (A serious problem has occurred …)


Bug confirmed by another user here (in German):