Hm … in videos I have seen, that the mixer is fully adjustable, but in the middle (eq, inserts, etc) come a side scrollbar. So, if I make my mixer not so big, then I must hit this thin bar to scroll or click with mouse in a free space for focus and then scroll with mouse weel, right?

My questions: Will be there a funktion for set the views with my controller- without mouse (like the old behavior)? Or … if I click with the mouse in a free space for focus/scrolling and I don’t hit right (a value is gone by this mistake), is there a UNDO function in Mixer?

I saw in one of the videos that you can store and recall mixer configuration/views. I’m sure you’ll be able to set this up on your controller.

Ok, we will see. The most trouble by mixing is to touch the wrong fader. Then you don’t know where the old position was (give me a bad feeling). A Undo function or the old VST32 Snapshoot function in mixer would be good.