I use vstlive with vst to play live. Until version 1.20, when I created a song each individual track was routed to the song’s out track which, in turn, was routed to the master out.
From 1.4 the out track of the song is bypassed and, if I redirect it I work there and then and save, but if I reload the project it no longer works

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can you please install the latest Pre-Release and check if the problem still exists? You can find more infos here

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I tried with the latest release and the problem persists but it is different from what I explained previously. The problem relates to a group track that I inserted to modify the level of a sound created with two different VSTs. the group always exists even though I switch from song1 to song2 and is directed to the current song. when I set the tracks it works and I save the project but, when I reopen it, it can’t direct the sound.
I send 4 photos. …0.png is the mixer when opening without playing, …1.png when I play, …2.png when I routed group7 directly to stereo out, …3.png when I routed group7 again to the song.
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If you created a Group Channel - as opposed to a Song Group Channel - then it is global, and thus present throughout the entire project.

I cannot see anything wrong with the pictures, could you repeat what is wrong or doesn’t work?

I’m fine with it being a global group if it is flexible, i.e. it can be applied as a group that receives signal from the VSTs of the current song and sends signal to the current song. Too bad that when I open a saved project with these characteristics, the group not only doesn’t do its duty but inhibits the vst themselves.
image 1.png represents the moment in which I am playing vst 1 and 2
image 2.png represents the moment in which I am playing vst 1 and 2 and I have redirected group to Stereo out
image 3.png represents the moment in which I am playing vst 1 and 2 and I have redirected group from out back to the song

Could you just send the project file (the .vlprj file, nothing else), it would make it much easier than to spend a lot of time trying to re-create the situation, thanks. We do this (or similar?) all the time w/o problems.

certainly, as soon as possible

Another reality 17.vlprj (2,7 MB)

This was a mean one. The Song Bus (channel with Song name) is not present when the project is loaded, it only comes into existence later when the song is selected.
Thanks a lot for reporting, and for the project, fixed with the next version.