Mixers not thought out well

Very well thought out post.


The new mixer went for a ‘clean modern’ look. But is actually less useful. I didn’t notice the shortcomings at first because I’ve got most of it memorised and I’ve been stress testing with ‘real’ projects… MY fear was that old projects would somehow be screwed up. That’s turning out to not be the issue.

But as I actually -need- to use things like meters and panners… more and more I’m seeing that it’s like an iPhone: looks cool, but SLOW. I say this as a guy who just switched to iPhone from Android.

The Android was -always- locking up. The iPhone is -much- more reliable and on the surface looks a LOT cleaner. BUT… with some practice, the Android UI is actually -much- faster for a lot of basic tasks (like… making a call!) because you’ve got separate buttons for each function–they don’t re-purpose buttons all the time (like a one-button Mac mouse).

I agree that the C6 Mixer had gotten too cluttered. But some of the solutions—which LOOK cool—are less useful… as the o/p shows so well. Well done, sir.


  1. Make separate colour prefs for each granular object.

  2. Replace the ‘E’ with the old separate E/C E/V buttons.

  3. I dunno what to say about the meters and panners. Probably a TON of UI work to recode. Maybe I’ll like the meters better once I can play with the colours a bit more. Which leads me to…

  4. WHY IN THE NAME OF JESUS IS THE IMPORT OF PREFS/SETTINGS FROM C6 SO UNRELIABLE? I think if I could’ve imported all my hard-won meter prefs, key commands and so on, I’d feel more sanguine. But having to re-invent the wheel… when I know the underlying engine is unchanged makes the pretty new screens less wonderful. It’s like finding out that the cost of yer wife’s sexy new dress provokes a yeast infection that will take a week to clear up. :smiley:

Trying to keep it light and not go too far into the dark side of ranting, boys.


Just not a fan of the new mixer, or the new channel editor. Until function visibility and access are fixed they are a nuisance, not a help.

It’s not good having channel text in the same screen element as the faders because it can disappear and to my mind it never should.

The Groups “wasted space” that is part of unifying the channel structure to prepare for VST multi-out’s.

Totally agree - as soon as you start to use it you find that it really is a step back in usability.

What a bummer. After a first rush of enthusiasm over some of the new mixer features, then questions in my mind and then reading this thread I am soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo disappointed.

This is the v6 changing the comping slicing behavior in cycle recording all over again!

What is it about ‘developers’ that prompt them to change things that work for things that don’t?

No, I don’t want the gas pedal on the left and the brake pedal on the right. I don’t want the steering wheel placed in the middle of the dash and drive from center position. I just want all the things that work to be improved … not redesigned. I already learned how to drive and I just want to keep on doing it accident free.

Whatever else you want to trash protools about … it isn’t the mixer. It’s group/ link channels is superb. So are simple things like automating the linked channels or … gasp … making the whole channel color selectable instead of the tiny box at the base.

I love Cubase and I’m not giving up on it. But this is a giant step backwards in a CRITICAL functional area of the program.

I’m sorry, I’m passing and saving for protools 10. When I’ve got that for mixing, I’ll take another look at whatever’s the then current Cubase version.

Is this Yamaha’s influence? I thought they were supposed to be ‘thoughtful’ designers?


Another mixer issue greatly slowing my workflow, and I would think most everyone else, but I made a separate thread.


If I’m overlooking something or this can be fixed by a preference, please let me know!