Mixing a Superior Drummer midi track

Is there a way that I can mix a midi track being sent to Superior Drummer (as a rack instrument), just as it works with a track being sent to Halion Sonic (or whatever)?

So, midi tracks sent to HS appear as individual tracks on the mixer, and their individual volume can be adjusted just as if they were an audio track. But, when midi track is sent to Superior Drummer (exactly the same way), the fader changes nothing and you need to go in to the SD’s mixer view to achieve (mix) the same result.

Is this just a Superior Drummer thing, or is there a setting I’m missing?

I always thought that a the fader for a midi track essentially worked as a midi controller, reducing the midi master volume for that midi channel, but it doesn’t seem to work that way with SD. Obviously, a single note trigger to SD does more than just play a single tone - it’s then split between various mic positions (all controllable within SD) etc etc, but I thought that the midi fader signal would be pre-VST.

What I’d like to be able to do is dissolve my midi drum tracks and then mix the drums individually in the Cubase mix view , rather than having to go to the SD mix view (unless I want to tweak it more precisely).

Any ideas?

You can use the multi out function on the instrument rack. Enable all outputs, and then go in the superior drummer mixer and route the channels to the faders you want.

I don’t have SD but I do have EZD2 and here is a copy of the procedure for how to have EZD2 make separate tracks in CB. Hopefully your SD will work similar to EZD2. I would think so but… who knows. Check it and see.

Good luck. :wink:

Working on an “Instrument” track:

  • Open your EZD2 and go to the “mixer” tab.
  • There, you can choose where each instrument channel will appear in Cubase
  • Choose the dropdown on the 1st channel (the one on the left) and choose “multichannel”. That will assign a separate track to each percussion instrument.
  • Now, when you drag a midi from EZD2 to the instrument track CB will create as many tracks as necessary for each separate percussion instrument in the midi file you placed on the CB instrument track. These tracks will by default be labeled whatever you named the instrument track then EZ2, EZ3… etc.
  • Highlight the first percussion instrument track.
  • Click on the “e” button to edit the channels settings.
  • Choose from the “inserts” tab as many effects as you want to add.
  • You can save this as a track preset at this time.

Regards :sunglasses: