Mixing an Orchestra - played with Samples

Hi all
On the one hand there are lots of books and tutorials about “mixing”. But most of them treat the mix of a band, of drums, guitars etc.
On the other hand there is not much information how to mix an orchestra together with the common effects (EQ, Panners, Compressors…)
Further: When we get a tutorial about compressors (or other effects) we always get examples with drums or guitars but never with orchestra instruments or orchestra sections!

So this leads me to the question: Would you like to get a tutorial “Mixing an Orchestra with Samples”?
If yes, please visit my homepage. You will find some more information about the current concept of this possible tutorial.
You also have the possibility to add wishes, comments, feedbacks which can take influence on the final content…
If you are interested in this matter thanks a lot for being active at my homepage.

Beat Kaufmann

I think he means, Mixing an Orchestra, with audio examples of the techniques discussed. :smiley: