Mixing and Exporting Rock Song

Hi Everyone…

Does anyone have some advise they could give me on mixing and exporting rock songs through Cubase 8? it seems i can’t get this right, it will sound good on one system then sound bad on another system, maybe if someone can listen to a few songs and let me know what they think i am doing wrong, any help would be much appreciated!


Hi and welcome,

Just for info, this is not really Cubase related. Learn about the Mixing art in general, please. As a second step learn about mastering. But a good mix is the core. Good luck!

Thanks for the reply Martin! you are so right about mixing being an “Art” i am doing my best to learn how to do this, but there is so much! i am really impressed with Cubase 8.5 Elements… it can do a lot. But thank you, i am figuring out that Mixing and Mastering are two separate things, to keep this more Cubase related, do you or anyone run a song through another program after you export a mixdown from Cubase?


As Martin said, mixing and mastering is an art and Cubase does have built in plugins to help with mixing ( Compressors, EQ’s, etc.) but there is literally thousands of third party plugins to help with the process. You didn’t state if you have applied any of these to your tracks to get it sounding better before exporting. There is a section in the forum for VST’s and other plugin related issues, maybe try there for that sort of info…or google and you tube it! While I’m here though, Izotope have great plugins to help with mixing and mastering (just my opinion, as it’s subjective) they are called Neutron (mixing) and Ozone (mastering) give the free downloads a try and learn and practice and practice and practice!