mixing and mastering explained !!

Aloha m,

Great analogy!

I’ve never seen it explained so well.

Right on!

Now I am imagining it for 10-16 pics.
(approx number of tracks on a CD)

Sending much aloha


Superb analogy sir!

have a thumbs up! :wink:

Why did she stop smiling? :frowning:

After mastering she has been squeezed, she has no headroom!!


After Glow!

Cigarette? :

I think the mastering in this example ruined the mix… but I prefer less makeup-gain :smiley:

Excellent! ROTFLMAO!!!
and I really mean it.


needs a lot more bottom

…and i would imagine the insert point has probably seen better days :wink:

Definitely overdone.

Shows how unnecessary mastering is.

I wonder what compressor was used on her nose… Looks tight and no peaks after mixing(my guessing 1176 with fast attack with all button in)

Haven’t you guys even noticed that they got a whole other bunch of musos? No wonder the original is unrecognisable!

Mastering explained right here:


That’s all you need to know.

Brilleunt! dead profeshnial and mujestik mastererring :wink:

He is pretty good, how expensive is that beats plugin?
And does it master midi?

$10,000. They had to make the price really high so that the athletes would know it is really good.