Mixing and Mastering Techniques

Ok, C6 is my very first DAW and I have finished my first song…

I’m done mixing and have created some three main group channels to add compression. After the mixdown (I’m mastering myself, since it’s my first song) I am using parallel compression with a multiband and a touch of EQ. So, should I now add a compressor to the master? I haven’t tried it yet as time ran out for the day…but is this overkill? What are some thoughts? Thanks :slight_smile: I know it’s always best to use your ears, but I was curious.

I didn’t add compression to the master fader at mixdown only to the busses/groups.

I recommend posting your song in the “Made with Cubase” forum. There are some people with pretty good ears that can give you some good tips. After all, it is hard to say what touches are needed without hearing something first.

Give dynamics a chance, don’t over compress.

I totally agree but keep in mind that if
you ARE going to participate in the

‘Loudness Wars’…‘there will be compression’
whether you do it yourself or send it out to be mastered

All that being said IMHO Robin’s quote is great advice.
Go easy with compression.


I always go easy…I’ve heard tracks and albums that are so compressed and loud…it’s annoying on the ears. Thanks guys.

always going easy is as bad as as always going hard (but some girls … :mrgreen: )

always listening and going for perfect and then take it from there is more like it! :sunglasses:

and bake it into the mix as well.
massage each group of tracks to perfection.
Don’t do too much in the mastering.