-mixing console- channel & track visibility mapping

Dear Sirs,
i got a question regarding channel & track visibility mapping:
from the keycommand menu i can map to my keyboard, up to 8 visibility configurations (those savable from project window)
but i see i can save indipendent configurations also from mixing console, but actually i am not able to find them in the keycommand menu.

they would be very handy because i need to map them to a controller and fastly exclude things i dont want to see on the mixer but leave arrange with all the tracks.

At the moment i am recalling the configurations from project window keeping it in synch with console, but i would like to keep track visibility unchanged in project and just reduce number of channel in the console. Also because when i map the configuration change on nucleus, to be able to switch i need to select project window going back on the mouse.

thank you in advance.


The Visibility Configuration key commands are context sensitive. If you have the MixConsole open they switch between MixConsole configurations.