Mixing Console Focus

Recently I have come across an issue that really disrupts my workflow when mixing. I usually have a track that is just a demo in a mixing session, and like to solo it to hear the rough levels of said demo, then unsolo while I’m adjusting the faders of the actual stems for the mix. I will have the demo track muted and selected in the console window, and then start soloing that demo track by hitting the ‘S’ key, while jumping around to the stems and getting rough levels with my mousewheel. Seemingly out of nowhere, now whenever I adjust a fader or panner with the mouse wheel of a track that isn’t selected, then go to press the ‘S’ key to solo/unsolo the demo track, instead of doing anything to the selected demo track, whichever track who’s fader/panner was most recently tweaked will be soloed/unsoloed. I’ve tried several different preferences on and off with soloing, but to no avail. Is there something I can do to change this? I definitely don’t remember this happening and I’ve been doing this for years now. Halp.