Mixing console looses the control of individual chanels

Hello, I created two instances of plug-ins (each including 12 to 16 slots).
In one project, the mixer runs very slow, but runs.
In the other project, the mixer doesn’t work correctly : instead of ‘HHSE 1’ (chanel 1), I get ‘HSSE Main’ : the slider controls all the channels of the first instance. Therefore I’m unable to control individually the other channels. The same happens for the second instance (‘HSSE Main’ controlling all the channels of the second instance. The replacement of 'HHSE 1 by HSSE Main happened before, and disappeared for no apparent reason.

Besides :
— Many freezes and necessary restarts without freeze.
— The mixer sometimes slows down so much that I have to switch it off (known issue).
— Channel names confusion (known issue).

Any clue ?

Hi Jaco,
first the controlling of individual channels. The problem here is the output assignment of HSSE. Please open up the HSSE editor window and choose the MIX tab. On that screen on the right side you can see that all slots are routed to HSSE’s main output and not to the respective individual channels. Change that and save the project, then you should be set again.

Regarding the freezes, please do Help > Create Diagnostics Report and attach here the corresponding zip file. Thanks