Mixing console selection

I am new to using DAW and apologies in advance for what must be a very basic question in this forum.

I started off recording my keyboard and singers using a Yamaha AG06 which allows a number of instruments plugged into it as separate tracks on Cubase. I decided to upgrade and went for a MG10XUF mixer which seemed a natural move. I am very disappointed to find that it only supports a single stereo track on Cubase and I am wondering what I missed in the spec which would have alerted me to this.

I like the general functionality of the MG10XUF but would like to have multiple track support on Cubase so I wonder what is recommended as an alternative.

The Spec of your mixer cleary sais: “USB Interface with 2 Inputs / 2 Outputs …” - - this is the point you missed in the specs. I am afraid the X… product line of yamaha does not do more, you only have 2 channels (one stereo) digitally available at the same point in time

Cubase cannot help you in any way here! It is all up to your mixer chice.
In the price range you are wth the MG10XUF there are some options . like soundcraft signature 12 MTK.
Look out for the channel number supported by the USB-Audio-Interface integrated into the mixer.
HTH, Ernst