mixing down to desktop fro 10 pro

Hi can anyone give a step by step account of doing a mix down to the desktop, there’s something in the new style mix down window in 10 that i’m not ticking. Iv’e managed to tick the box for the pool and the project window which was hidden as usual, path to the desktop is correct. so the stereo mix appears in the project window that’s fine and the icon for the mix appears on the desktop but it won’t play, iv’e looked in properties of the file and it’s there but i cant play it back. I’m not getting any pop up messages telling me the file is not readable etc; :question:( I’m using an Apollo twin as my interface.)

How many threads for th same “problem” do you need? https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=283&t=150641&p=810469#p810469
Mixing to desktop in Pro 10 works the same it dit in Pro 9 and Pro 8. If the file doesn´t play back in Winows media player, it is most probably because of the exporting bit depth set to 32 bit floating point.

Sorry new to this, i’ll give that a try but I’m certain iv’e tried every different bit setting