Mixing fatique tips

I was tired of my song and by mistake I swithched tha stereochannels, and suddenly I heard a new track! It was really cool, I could no, longer by foreheand tell where the sounds would come from and this made it sound completely new. I have made the voices with autotune transpose/formant, the girls voice I made with Voice.ai, its Drew Barrymore (cloned). I looked in spotify and could not find a song with the title Sex With God so I wanted to make one. It has the samt initials as my artist name StoneWaterGlass. I will make the bass-drum more dramatic and do some more tweeking.I useed a free plugin called Deelay for the angel-like sounds, its a really cool plugin, much more advanced than valhalla supermassive. Its not mixed/mastered yet. What do you think? Its dirty yes?(!)

(Warning! Explicit Content)

yes it is