[Mixing] How do you all quickly monitor certain groups while mixing, any good tips?

For example, while I’m mixing, tuning and so on,
I would really like to make shortcut type key commands to ‘link’?

So, quickly I can,
just monitor ‘solo’

  • Vocal lead track

  • Dub tracks (maybe 2~4tracks)

  • Background chorus tracks

  • Instrument key tracks

  • Guitar tracks

  • Drum stem

I know I can assign VCA faders, or Group them :slight_smile:
BUT, is there any way I can simply not commit to do that, but instead,
just assign/link this and this to lets say, LINK 1,
and assign quick key commands to LINK 1,
so then I can just ‘solo’ that by pressing one or two keys…?!

I am sure this can be done on Cubase but
could you please share your way of quick monitoring your tracks?! :slight_smile:

haha my fingers were getting real tired by
clicking track 1, shift + end track + SHIFT+OPTION key for Q-Link + press Solo
‘to’ monitor them exclusively… lol

Can you help? :slight_smile:

Have you considered using the Project Logical Editor ?

Oh, oh yes… I could do that! Why couldn’t I think of that. PLE would do most of my needs!