Mixing In Mono

I realize that this has been discussed before, but I couldn’t find a clear answer to the following question…

If I add the Stereo Enhancer plug-in to the master fader and select mono - am I properly referencing a mix in mono?

I’m pretty sure you do. I have a hardware mono button on my mixing console feeding the monitors and it sounds identical.


Aloha A,

and yes.

I keep a plug on the master buss just to check mixes in mono.

Good Luck!

I’m totally deaf in one ear so all my mixes are in mono! If only there was a button to let me check it in stereo :slight_smile:

Well that seems easy enough, I know the control room mixer has a mono button but mine isn’t set up correctly at the moment as it has no effect.

Some people say listening to the phantom image that results from sending the same signal to two speakers is not the same as listening to a mono signal from one speaker only (“overemphasizes bass and stimulates more room reflections …”) . The latter situation can be set up in the Control Room*. I’m not sure, but I think the Stereo Enhancer plug-in does the first situation when the mono button is selected.



True mono is one speaker only.

But a simple pan to one speaker would remedy that.

I hear you, that’s my intent… deciding on a mono mix cube now :slight_smile:

here´s a nice (better?) solution:

= use the Control Room
You can assign a key command to quickly switch between Mono<>Stereo (!)

great and easy.