Mixing in the project view

Hi Guys,

I have just switched from Sonar X2 to Cubase 7 and finding my feet. :sunglasses:

I’ve got a couple of questions I hope you can help me with:

  1. In Sonar you can use the project view to mix as you can see all of the volume and pan controls on screen at the same time. Is there a way to do this in C7. As far as i can see you can only access volume and pan on individual tracks in the inspector :nerd:

  2. How do you bounce down a segment of an instrument track to audio? :unamused:


Welcome to the Cubase world!

  1. There’s no way to display the settings of more than one channel at a time in the project window. The mixer is your friend really and it’s a good idea to have a dedicated monitor for it to make use of its full potential. You can actually access volume, pan and whatever else in project window by unfolding the automation lanes. But that creates a lot of clutter…

  2. Set the locators to that section and export it. There are a lot of settings possible in the export window, guess you’ve seen that already.

If you follow the marQs advice regarding the mixer you’ll find yourself much closer to the analog workflow, with all the advantages that this represents. Definitely the mixer is your friend.

Hi smapmap,

what do you like/disklike in Sonar´s Mixer X2 - in comparison to Cubase´s new MixConsole V.7 ?

interesting & thanks in advance,

Cent. (don´t know X2, sorry)

Aloha and

And in the Export dialog box there is a ‘Import into Project’ ‘Pane’ where
the user can choose to also have the exported material show up as
an audio file back in the Project window.

HTH (hope this helps)

I do most of my mixing using the Edit (E key) window and pre-selecting the track to change in the project window. Each to his own of course. I also use the track inspector to display the fader and plugins sometimes too. Towards the end of the mix I would pretty much be editing automation directly in the project window lanes for volume balancing of most tracks, so I don’t touch the faders at all from then on. I’d use the Edit window again for EQ and plugin display in later stages, although opening plugins via the mixer is good because you can see all track plugins in one go - the track inspector is v. quick too if you’re already editing some automation in the project window…


cheers for the reply guys and the welcome. Much appreciated. I’m slowly but surely getting there. I’m really delighted with C7 so far. Loving it. I’ve been stuck with a very buggy Sonar X2a for 9 months so its nice to be working in a more stable/predictable environment.

I’ve raised a feature request for the mixing in project view. Fingers crossed! :smiley: