Mixing into Compression!

Mixing into Compression!

If a mastering engineer ever tells you to remove the compression on your mix he’s not a mastering engineer. :slight_smile:

Just came across this good post my MIXERMAN in the benefits of mixing into compression.

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Let the debate begin…

not again!!! :open_mouth:

I don’t think there’s really any debate. For certain types of music, it’s gonna get processed for loudness anyway, and it’s absolutely true that this processing alters your mix balances (in my mind I also want to assert that in a way it alters your EQ curve, or at least psych-acoustically it does – doesn’t louder usually mean it sounds brighter, also?). So it makes perfect sense to mix into compression… that way you get the balances right with some underlying processing for loudness in place

Don’t surrender your art to a mastering engineer!

If using an ME just make sure there is enough headroom to make small eq tweaks and balance the level for all tracks on the album.

I mostly mix into a compressor but the output is usually about -18db rms with peaks around -6dbfs. To get up to something like commercial levels I just need to raise the overall level of the file and use just a little limiting. In effect, if I raise the overall peak level by 5.5dbfs I end up with an rms level of about -12.5db.

One thing I like to do with the mix buss compressor is to get the attack and release times working in time with the music.

Never ever ever use a mix buss compressor. Unless, you need a mix bus compressor, then ALWAYS use a mix buss compressor.

That’s all I have to say about that.

Yay! One of my favourite recurring debates! :smiley:


Actually, if you’ve heard any of dave’s music, and I have, it’s not really the kind that calls for mix bus compression. I still think it depends entirely on the type of music you’re dealing with

Yes, that’s exactly what I never avoid, and so shouldn’t everybody else! I never cease to stop being surprised how a simple rule of thumb turns into some kind of guide line when there are proper rules to avoid. Period.

Hmmm…let me see…in over eight years have I ever listened to any of Dave’s music?? Hmnmm… probably every song he ever posted! :smiley:

I use a bus compressor on EVERYTHING I do. All types of music I’ve ever created…even my neo-classical/pop-orchestral stuff gets a small dose.



Nice satire. Such satire actually requires a good command of English. Impressive!

And that is CLEARLY wrong!

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I was thinking the same thing :sunglasses:

Exactly! Everyone knows that you should always avoid following rules that are not specific.

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Just happy to give anybody a comfy headache! :mrgreen:

What’s that all about! :open_mouth: :unamused:

It’s to stop our “quote art” :smiley: :smiley:

Yeah, it’s kind of like

The next sentence is true.
The previous sentence is false.