Mixing Level

I’ve just mixed a couple of tracks with Cubase 9.5 and to get the strings to sit in the mix etc the output level meter says
RMS Max 36.1 Peak Max 23.2.
Are those values OK or should they be louder ?
I’ve got confused looking at the articles on gain staging as most of them pull the volume down but not up.
Can anyone help please .

Technically anything that doesn´t clip your ouput and therefore reach or exceed 0 dBFS is ok.


Mixing is a pretty in depth topic. It is best to look at it in stages or steps. That way you gain consistency from one mix to the next. After you have the part recorded, and before you start pulling the faders around, is generally where ‘gain staging’ occurs. This would involve having the faders set to zero, then adjusting the input trim until the channels all read a consistent number (people use different numbers, I use -18.0 db). This gives you sufficient headroom as you add EQ, compression, reverb. I usually save this as (“track name” gain stage). At this point the bass and drums seem overly loud compared to the other parts. I switch the mix to MONO and start adjusting the faders to create balance. This is just an explanation of ‘gain staging’ and by no means a mixing tutorial. Hopefully I didn’t muddy it up for you.