Mixing levels for hardware in to daw

What levels do you gainstaging your hardware för record in to cubase, my self have around -23 db rms and and -12db peak. But i tänk its har to have it there, say like 303 that hava a big span. And moog matriarch is to low, so i go in preamp on that. What hardware do you have before audio interface to balance out and fix a good healtylevel and sound pressure so its not all over the place and not to low and not to high?

Have Clarett+ 4pre, and looking for somthing els.

I don’t overthink it.

  1. Don’t clip my converter.
  2. Don’t record too low.

Anything between those points is for convenience.


^ Exactly what he said.

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Ye its easy to overthink :slight_smile: