Mixing & Master Plugs - What do you use?

I have been looking around and keeping my ears open as to what others are using and or might recommend when it comes to mixing and mastering plugs. I am wondering how many of you use the stock plugs that come with Cubase? But I suspect there are many here that have gone the 3rd party route for these tools. I have been looking at the Fab Filter plugs and am thinking about getting them, but my they are pricey. So before I take the leap I ask for you help on what to use and also what your using?

Here is a list I made up of what I would like to get:
Fab Filter
Pro C = Compressor
Pro Q = Eq
Pro DS = DeEsser
Saturn = Saturation - This is up in the air as Cubase’s Magneto II might work here
Pro L = Brick Wall Limiter

Is there anything you would add to this list? I have also looked at some other plugs as well, both free and those on the pay side. So any suggestions would be helpful. If you feel up to it possibly you could add why you feel your recommendation is a good one. What is it that the Cubase plugs don’t have that the 3rd party plugs either have or do better?


FabFilter has 25% off as we speak :wink:

FabFilter has great plugins, and maybe the best instructional videos out there.

What to add to the list:
Slate Digital (all)
Sonnox (all)
Softube (all)
SoundToys (Decapitator (dist), EchoBoy and Microshift)
Waves (SSL Channel, CLA-2, CLA-3 + a few more)
Kush Audio (Clariphonic (Paralell Eq processing))

Not a cheap list, but hey, you asked :wink:

Yeah the 25% off on FabFilter is kind of motivating me to do something. But then again I have a hard time swallowing the fact that roughly 5 plugs will cost more than Cubase itself.

That is quite a list you have there and it will take me some time to review the plugs you have on the list. Of those, do you have a shorter list of the ones you use? Or that are your favorite “Go To Plugs”? Are some better than others at “allowing you to see” what your doing via the GUI? That is one thing I really like about the FabFilter plugs is that they really have good visual representation of the information you need to see.


Take a look at Boz Digital, Hornet, Klanghelm, Melda Productions for some top notch mixing plugins, if you’re cost conscious, trust that these will not compromise quality. Many of their tools are better than the expensive ones. Cost =/= quality.

Both seem to be good recommendations. I noted the Boz Digital is pretty much without any kind of graphics screen representing the data at hand. While Melda Productions on the other hand makes a ton of plugs and many have the graphics tools I am leaning towards. I also like that Melda has a nice 15 day full features turned on demo to figure out if you want to buy or not…

Thanks for the tips,

You make a good point re: visual graphical aids, but I have to say, I spend much more time inside of the Melda suite when making simple changes than I do Boz. The Melda stuff is very deep, and not something I like to pull out for a quick tweak. That’s not to say that you can’t… it’s just me. The more options, the more time I spend weighing them.