Mixing musical fonts


I want to do a mix of Bravura and November 2 fonts, with November 2 being the main font. The majority of the few symbols I want to change is working, but some don’t. For a reason I can’t explain, even if a choose November in the Symbol editor, the symbol appears in Bravura. For example, it does that for dynamics.

If I exchange the fonts : Bravura being the main font, it seems to work well for now.

Any clue?



It may be that the symbols you want to use are not present in November2, perhaps?

No it is not… For example I have November as the main font and you can see what happen when I’m adding the “piano” symbol from Bravura : it is the one from November. But it works with the accent symbol.

Dynamics are a bit of a special case. I think you’ll find that if you set Engrave > Font Styles > Dynamic Music Text Font to Bravura, then bring in the November2 glyphs in the Music Symbols Editor, you’ll get what you want. Or if you want to use Bravura in general but November2 dynamics consistently, set the Dynamic Music Text Font to November2.

Oh I see! Thanks for the tip!