Mixing NotePerformer and VSL

There are similar topics on this forum, but I didn’t find a complete answer.

• I’d like to do everything in Dorico instead of creating a separate DAW mockup.
• I like NotePerformer overall, but I really dislike the strings.
• I have VSL Synchron Special Editions, but switching to that playback template does not give good results. (I’ve used VSL in my DAW for years).

Question: Is there a relatively simple way to tell Dorico to use VSL for strings and NP for everything else?


PS If NotePerformer offered a premium string upgrade, I’d buy it instantly. How about it, Wallander? You could make a deal with someone to integrate their samples instead of having to create your own.

I use Noteperformer with NPPE a lot, but I usually substitute the string section with the BBCSO Pro strings or the Synchron strings and it works great! It’s very easy to do. Depending on the piece, I might also substitute the WWs and others.

The way to do this is to make a new Playback Template. Give it a suitable name, then use add manual to add whatever VSL template you need for Strings, e.g. ‘SYzd SE1 -Strings’. Make sure it’s selected and then click the + button under Family Overrides - select STRINGS. Then use Add automatic to add NotePerformer. When you apply this Playback Template Dorico will configure Strings using VSL and everything else using NotePerformer …


Excellent, thanks. I will give this a try.

The next update of NotePerformer will add support for SYNCHRON-ized SE1 through NPPE. Although a paid upgrade, it’s an easier way to use it side-by-side with NotePerformer.


Thank you, @Wallander . I hope it is soon.