Mixing on Cell

Anyone knows how hear in real time a mix in a cellular or tablet?
I make some Mix but when I hear the mix in a cellular or tablet the voice is very high! :open_mouth:

Soundwire lets you stream PC audio to an android device…but I’d imagine it works on Windows audio only so Cubase playback with your ASIO driver may not work.

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I would always recommend trying a mix on as many different systems as possible, I have 3 sets of monitors (including really cheap computer speakers) plus cellphone/tablet earbuds, cheap and better quality, to test the mixes on.

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In fact, it’s funny, I went to a Office Supply store and told them I wanted the crappiest sounding computer speakers they had. Even after I explained I don’t think they quite got it. But . .
They dutifully steered me to some tiny little $10 somethings.

When I got them home? BIG disappointment. They actually sounded OK.
Dug around in my storage and found some old ones I forgot I had.
They sound awful.