Mixing playback templates for same instrument family

I have created an endpoint configuration and playback template for Miroslav strings and would like to use these in addition to the ones from Noteperformer. The problem is that if I put this playback template first and then Noteperformer or use NP first and exclude strings, NP will not let me choose strings.

My workaround is to use the keyswitch string instruments from MP2 with expression maps but I would rather like to use the ones from the endpoint configuration.

Are there any workarounds for Dorico 4?

You can save a preset of NotePerformer instruments, and then load it into an ‘empty’ NP VST.

You can create a playback template as follows:
First lines should be manual overrides of strings instruments played with MP2 (at least two lines for violins, then viola, cello and double bass), then add the automatic NP endpoint. This way, when you invoke that playback template, Dorico will first load the instruments that are manual (so if your project has strings that match your endpoints) and then any remaining instruments will use the NP endpoints.

@MarcLarcher: yes, I can do this but then I can only use MP2 strings but not NP ones. I want to use either / or and, particularly, stack NP and MP2 strings (letting them play the same music on different staves).

More ideally, I would like to choose two or more VST’s with their own expression maps to play the same stave like in a DAW. Unforturnately, this does not seem to be possible in Dorico 4 according to Dan.

@BenWiggy: what do you mean with “save a preset”? An endpoint configuration or a Dorico flow or something different?

Then you should apply NP playback template and add other vstis manually. It does work…

You can actually save the ‘contents’ of the NP VST, e.g. the loaded samples.

@MarcLarcher: yes, that works. It just is more hassle. Also, I just found out that Dorico lets me save the VST preset.

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@benwiggy: do I save by saving the Dorico file? If not, where is the “save” button?


Sometimes, I have another Playback Template in use, but I want to add some NP strings, say. So, having saved a Preset with the instruments I want, I can load it back into any file.

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@benwiggy: ok., I see. I did not actually know what this menue did.
It works but I have to still manually select the channel and the noteperformer expression map,
similar to the manual selection of MP2 strings after having applied the NP playback template.

Thank you both for the quick advice.

I still hope that Dorico will later on supply a route to create playback templates which allow to select different libraries for e.g. violins 1 and 2 or oboe 1/2.