Mixing question - backing track - live

I have an analogue mixer/interface plugged into my PC. Its 4 in/4 out. I’m not a pro so using affordable mixer (allen & heath zedi10fx). My cubase LE license came bundled with that mixer :slight_smile:

My primary goal is to silence my guitar amp for recording - I practice/play all hours. And I need to get online with mic and guitar from time to time.

Here’s how I’m currently set.

channel 1 : mic
channel 2 : empty
channel 3 : Left from DI’d amp
channel 4 : Right from DI 'damp

On this mixer I have different options to push channels through usb to pc.

In short I can send channel 1/2 with L&R from main output mix. In this case channel 1/2 have no eq in signal.

I can also send channels 1/2/3/4 as seperate channels.

I’m mostly using this to record guitar in stereo on channel 3/4 in cubase. Bypasses eq but this is okay and allows me to record silently (headpone monitoring on mixer)

When I go online I flip the button to send L&R main mix to usb for pushing up mixed channel to Zoom/Youtube. That seems to work well i.e. I’m doing the mixing on the analogue mixer to combine voice and guitar.

Sorry for all the backgound. I’m interested in getting a backing track added to cubase audio track with midi control and adding that into the mix. I guess I can control playback with midi but I should be okay with that. I’m less sure about how to mix in the backing track for live.

Whats the best way of doing that in cubase? Is it as simple as setting up an output to a channel in the mixer ? I’m using 1/2 channels for stereo in from zoom. Would it be enough to set a output in cubase to 3/4? I could be overthinking this.

I do have a 2 in 2 out interface too that’s currently in storage.

Thanks in advance.


Can you make it simpler? I am lost

Cubase can use only one ASIO interface at a time.
And if that interface is used by Cubase, no other software can use it safely.

But what has the backing track inside Cubase to do with the mixer inputs?

I don’t understand that part.

Maybe you are confused?

I find it tricky to understand routing of audio to be honest. I’ve had a nightmare getting silent playing working. If only my neighbours knew how tricky this is.

What I essentially want is to add cubase audio track back into my physical mixer on stereo return so that it is added into mix main L/R out with guitar.

It should work right ? Drums are better than click track.

We all did this in the beginning! So it’s important to be accurate with the ins and outs…

Yes, that should work. You have 4 return signals from the computer available on the mixer.
You need to configure 2 output busses (in stereo, 4 channels), one for the playback, and one for the master signal.
Now you can send the playback to the main mix in Cubase while playing back the recorded sessions, or you can send it to the second output to hear it on the ZED mixer (ST3 I guess).

Make a drawing with the signal flow. That helps to understand what’s happening or what fails.

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