Mixing sample rates in a film project

I received a film mix project with an interesting twist. I need advice on a workflow with the problem that was dropped on my lap. Here goes:

I received an OMF from the Editor with dialogue and efx at 48k. No problems, imported and all is fine. Next I received a Cubase project from the composer with his music…ALL AT 44.1k. The project is and hour and a half, so changes I make with sample conversion can take hours. Converting the music to 48k seems insurmountable due to the sheer size. So my plan so far has been to convert the OMF with only 8 tracks of audio to 44.1k, mix, then export at 48k.

Things have been getting weird trying to do this. Timeline shifting, audio blocks that were butted up against another now are separated by a gap, that sort of thing.

So what would YOU do if you were in this boat? Also, upon conversion you’re presented with a dialogue box asking something like “do you want to keep samples at their position” and I seem to always choose poorly. What IS the correct answer to keep audio clips back to back when they’re originally that way?


Have the composer send you the audio in 48kHz. Should have been that in the first place.