Mixing scaling and non-scaling notes in 1.2

I started experimenting with Dorico 1.2. I love the new fingering and interval input popovers! :sunglasses: It really was worth the wait!

I just got a question about the new scaling options in the properties menu. Please take a look at the attachment.

As you can see on the picture, the notes don’t scale centered but left aligned. I’ve been looking in the engraving options but couldn’t find a way to change that. Is there an option? I think it would look better if it was centered

You can always use the Note Spacing mode to move individual notes laterally.

No, there’s not an option, and I’m afraid I don’t agree that they would look better centred: the note onsets should always be aligned at the same horizontal position to make clear that they sound at the same time.

If you really want to centre them, you can put them into a separate voice column using the ‘Voice column index’ property, and then move the notes individually in Engrave mode using the Note Spacing tools.

Thanks! @Daniel: I trust your expertise and will leave it as it is.