Mixing - Temp Boost Track Level?

I’m trying to get some mixing practice in. Currently messing with the concept of complimentary EQs on similar-sounding, hard-panned tracks. As I sweep the EQ, I find myself wanting to hear the track a bit louder and panned in the center just to avoid fatigue and hear more detail. I’ve found the Bypass button on the panner, but is there also a way to get a bit more volume on the track without messing up where my faders are set?

Sorry if this is a dumb question. I’m new. :frowning:

There is an automation mode that will return to the start point after you punch out. It is called Auto-Latch.
It might be what you are looking for.

Also can put a fader plug-in into the first insert slot. That leaves your Cubase faders alone. Sonalksis Free-G is something that can get this done.

Also, if you have Control Room activated, you could set up the Listen function to do this, dimming the other tracks by whatever amount you’d like.

Another option is to turn up the inpt in the rack “Pre” section.

Hope this gives you some good ideas :slight_smile:

I like the Pre-gain idea! Thanks!

You’re welcome!

If you’re just starting out I heartily recommend setting aside just a bit of time to learn the Control Room. SOS had a fantastic 2-article review, more than enough to get started with: Control Room

Though it does so much more than the Listen Bus, that function alone is worth the price of admission. And free EBU monitoring as well!

Then, when you have more time, Demystifying the Control Room In Cubase - Tutorial Series - Cubase - Steinberg Forums