Mixing text plus separate frames of music

I use my Dorico Pro 5 all the time for scores. I am really pleased with it for ordinary score writing. However, I find it necessary sometimes to write an essay about a musical topic, interspersed with short separate blocks of musical notation or actual fragments of musical scores.

All went well with a simple example, but on something more complex I suddenly got into a syndrome where score bits that I had deleted on one page reappeared on extra pages, different music frames contained the same material, and editing one frame produced the same result in several other frames. I took some advice that I found here and tried deleting overrides on pages, but this would (as warned) also delete all my text frames.

I looked for tutorials and found a few short ones from 7 years ago, but I didn’t find the answer. I have tried unlinking music frame chains, setting up multiple flows, and so forth. I just ended up with the same problems and a bigger mess.

I may have to abandon this attempt to use Dorico for something that it is perhaps not designed to do (yet). As I said before, I am pleased with Dorico when applied to its primary task.

Could I perhaps be missing some key tutorial on all this?

You are probably better off using a text program like Word or InDesign for your text with musical slices from Dorico as examples.

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