Hi to everybody!

I’m working on a project where I have included vocal tracks…

-Lead Vocals
-Background Vocals
-Two different vocal harmonies as chorus (x2) ==> Each one of the harmonies by two diffrent singers
(all vocals are male)

The main question I make is…

Please, What tips, tricks and advices can you tell me to mix them all with a good result?

Anyway I’ve been looking around the web and I found some advices like…

  • Lead vocals (in mono) at the center. It could be doubled, or tripled in refrains or certain parts, but always panned… The deepest voice in the middle and lower volume…
  • Background vocals or any chorus voice always panned (between 35% and 65%) and with a different reverb that the lead vocals and lower volume (pan must be simetric!!!). Delays can be send them to a mono bus to pan to the opposite side! I’ve heard even that the chorus tracks sidechained with the lead voice!!!

i know that there is no a “one” rule to mix always all the vocals, but…

What of all this is wrong or what is right?
What eq must I use to each voice?
What more can you tell me?

I can tell that the style of the song about modern pop… it’s a cover from a 80’s german synthpop song! I always heard that one of the tricks of the original producer of his songs (like I’m covering) to mix the chorus to give them its typical texture was to duplicate them to 80!!! i don’t know if in this case is the properly or not, but it could be interesting to try it!

All the help and info you could give me will be very grateful!

Thank you very much in advance!