Mixing with height (10.2 Surround Panner)

I’ve been doing some research and content development with our local planetarium which essentially has a 15.1 dome surround setup. It’s a massive system that’s a ton of fun to play on, but it’s taken a long time to develop a workflow that allows outside engineers to come in an mix on the system. I built spatialization remapping system with Max/MSP that works great, allowing any type of surround arrangement (with height or not) to be directly patched into the dome. Very few workstations allow native mixing with height, but fortunately Nuendo is one of them with the 10.2 setup.

But I’m having trouble with the height function within the surround panner. It’s been a while since I’ve used it and I can’t seem to find a way to pan between the two surround layers. I remember a little carrot slider on the side that used to allow height adjustment. Right now I’m stuck only in the lower layer (1-6). I’ve checked on Mac/PC and 32/64 bit with no luck. Anyone know how to access the second height layer with the surround panner? Thanks!

Jeff Merkel