Mixture of Normal and Cue Fermatas

Is it possible to have a mixture of normal and cue fermatas according the corresponding normal and cue notes? When I select a fermata and scale it to cue, all other fermatas also change their shape.

In the meantime I created custom playing techniques for normal and cue sized fermatas. That did the job.

No, I don’t think this can be done. If the fermata is part of a real cue then it will be cue-sized without requiring any additional fiddling about, but perhaps it’s not convenient to use a real cue here, particulary since it seems to require cross-staff beaming, which is not (as far as I remember) supported by cues at the present time.

Cases with fermatas in different sizes are probably rather rare. In this case the cue notes are additions to an original score by Bach. Normal fermatas for cue notes look somehow wrong. But the workaround with the custom playing technique was a good and fairly fast resolution, and now also serves for other cases, where not desired fermatas are left out in the first place, instead of dragging them out of the score. The standard fermatas in the above case would look like this: