Mm bass playing random long nots when playing back start on

Hi all I am using Cubase 7 32bit with latest update 7.0.3, running MM bass form complete 7 just downloaded the latest updates few days ago trying to resolve the annoying problem just with MM Bass but couldn’t help. The problem is when I finish the bass line and I jump to another track wether is Midi of Audio the mm bass play long nots when I press play button. but I noticed when I activate the monitor button on Mm bass track it resolve the problem but as you know that you cannot continue working with this situation.
My OS is Windows Vista 64bit
Kontakt player 5/ 32bit V.
Cubase 7 32bit
RAMs : 8 Gigs
If you need more information just let me know thanks.

You may be inadvertently playing back more than one take