MM in a box

Is there a way to put a box around a metroname mark, like this?


Don’t think so.

I am having trouble thinking of a way to do it. Unless fake it with text and hide the MM behind it. Seems a lot of fuss for something ostensibly simple (I know, nothing is simple!).

Yes, doing it with a system-attached text item with a border applied is probably straightforward enough, but you will need to hide the real metronome mark via Properties.

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@Norfonts, please read the OP and title. Box, not parentheses. Sorry that may have been misleading. In the image the parentheses are incidental. I should have posted an example without.

Oppps, my mistake… sorry.

Create a new Default Text with Border checked:

Hit space-bar to fill in the empty box, use Engrave mode to position the box around your metronome mark.

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Or use Metrico as shift-X text and put a box around that and hide the real metronome marking.