MM Rests hiding notes in Perc part


I’m doing a percussion part and the MM rests are hiding some notes.
Is it a matter of turning MM rests off and then on again.
The percussion part has three percussion instruments with multiple players in some.
There is a downbeat note on measure 14 in a different player.
How to show these notes? Thanks, Ray

Sorry, are you saying that there are three Players in this layout or three Instruments (one Player)? Or something else?

If you have assigned the different instruments to different players, you need to go to setup mode, select the percussion layout in the right panel, then tick the checkbox of all the percussion players you want to appear in this layout in the left panel.

Do you mean Setup Mode?

Thank you, corrected it.

I’m still a little confused about players and instruments but I think I said it right.
Here’s a screen shot of the instruments.
Screen Shot 2022-10-10 at 10.02.09 PM

So it’s going from Tubular Bells to Marimba all in Percussion 3 but there are notes in Percussion 1 and 2 that are hidden. I’ll try staff visibility. Yep, that did it. Not sure why those staves were hidden with notes in them.
Also, when it changes instruments to Marimba, I get a grand staff right there. Is there an easy way to move that instrument change later so it starts the next system? Just want three staves here.

Thanks, Ray

From memory, I think you can add a chord symbol region in those two grand staff bars and that will hold off the instrument change. If you make sure Chord Symbols are switched off for that Player in Setup Mode, it shouldn’t show the chords.