MMC not working properly since Cubase 7

Hello everybody,
I have a control surface built into my mixing desk that sends MMC data to Cubase for the basic transport functions (play, stop, record, etc.) and Cubase, up to version 6.5, used to respond with MMC RESPONSE messages so that the “Recording” light of my studio could light on when I hit record on my desk.

Since version 7 this MMC stuff works intermittently, sometimes stops working for no apparent reason, then works again as soon as I control the trasport via keyboard shortcuts, but soon after stops working again.

Also trasport commands from the Generic Control Surface stop working along with MMC. My controller sends a few MIDI events to trigger some of the most used functions such as arm, mute, solo, volume, pan, etc. and when MMC stops working, the control surface stops working as well.

Nothing changed in my hardware since when I used Cubase Studio 4, Cubase 5.x and Cubase 6.x, same control surface, same MIDI interface, same computer. Just the Cubase version grew up, and I started experiencing issues from Cubase 7.0. And this is a major issue for me.

Any advice on this matter?


Since Cubase 7 they have introduced (apparently undocumented in the user manual) a new Mackie Mode which you can select from the Devices Window.
Perhaps it is in the default “Cubase” mode, and you need to switch it to “Compatibility” Mode -at least I think those are the two choices - you’ll know when you select it :wink:
Hope that works for you.

I’m sorry but I can’t find any “Mackie Mode” in the Devices Window… Could you provide a screen shot, please?

Unfortunately the studio is on use right now for a Pro-Tools mixing session, but unless someone posts this for you in the meantime I’ll try later on.
Otherwise, simply open the Mackie Control from the Controller Panel (Menu Devices->Mackie Control). Set this to “Compatibility Mode”.

Ehem… I think I got it, but I don’t use the Mackie Control at all. It comes pre-activated when you install Cubase, but I remove it using the “-” button on the top left of the window and use the Generic Control Surface instead. I have mapped all the events I need and stored in a file that I can reload everytime I update to a new Cubase version. It does work, but it stops responding intermittently along with the MMC control. I think this is a bug in Cubase. Isn’t this the right place to submit bug reports? Does Steinberg listen?

Then yours must be another problem.
This is indeed the right place to post the issues you’re having. If you could provide more details (e.g. what HW)
as well as a defined procedure which will demonstrate the issue, then you’d be best to post it in the Issue Reports Forum.
Yes the Moderators (Steinberg Reps.) do read these posts.

Another alternative would be to send a service request from your “My Steinberg” Account.:wink: