Mo' MIDI Madness: Hotz Translator

Anyone purchased or used this software?

They don’t seem to have a demo version … although you can d/l the manual.

Even without the MIDI controller, it looks pretty intriguing.

The product seems to have some heavyweight endorsers … if the copy can be believed.


Although the endorsements are quite explicit, I’m not really impressed. One major flaw in the design of this thing is that the most creative music is always made when stepping out of the existing structures. And existing structures is what this thing is all about - you can’t even play a note that’s not in the current scale!

Luck, Arjan

Good point, Arjan, but it seems there can be more to it than that since the program accepts MIDI input and sends MIDI output.

First, it looks like you can change the scale and key at any point you like by a MIDI note message … which would mean that you could both sequence those changes and pick different scales for different points in the sequence.

Second, using virtual MIDI cables you could stream the MIDI data into a channel by channel setup in Cubase, record it … and then add those out of scale embellishment notes if desired.

I was really thinking about this as a production tool, not as a live performance instrument.


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