Mobil DAW - Macbook or PC


I want to take Cubase with me and do some remote recording. Have people done this? What works and what doesn’t?

I’m getting a machine so what do people recommend? Biggest decision is Macbook vs. PC Laptop but after that, I guess CPU speed (probably Intel i5), RAM (at least 6 GB) and disk speed (7200RPM at least - or flash).

But any horror stories? :cry: Any good reports? :smiley:



A new macbook pro will be the least trouble to guarantee a 100% out of the box working system. If you want to go PC there’s a lot more research needed to get a working system.

I have an HP elitebook and it works great,as did my HP envy before and my Macbook pro before that bootcamped with windows xp.

Cubase runs better under windows compared to OSX however the performance difference with modern sandybridge cpu’s isn’t really enough to worry about if you’re a happy OSX user.


Thanks (he said months later).

I ended up getting a standalone Tascam unit and will transfer WAV files.

Thanks again,