Mobile App Sound Design - Less than 5kb??


I mostly compose music and do in the box sound design. I’m being contracted by a local company for something a little different. I need to find sounds in online libraries, then somehow get them less than 5kb at the best quality? These mobile apps are Casino games with generic slot/coin sounds, or point and click games with missile/explosion effects.

I imported a simple on shot in Cubase (original size 500kb), then exported as 16bit, 16hz, mono Flac, but it was still above 40kb.

When the Dev ran me through his apps, the sounds did sound rather low fi but still sounding nice. Any ideas how to get this down quickly? Less tan 5kb sounds ridiculous but maybe I need 3rd party conversion software?

Really need to figure this out in the next week, thanks!

Something that is 40kB FLAC can get down to the neighborhood of 5 kB with MP3, depending on what settings are acceptable for you.

I’ll get back to you on that, mp3 might now work as it will probably be further compressed. I might have to use AAC

In the mean time is there any good free converters with lots of options? Currently using a free one, but options are limited.

He also wanted to shoot for 1-2kb, not sure how that’s even possible.

The best I can do at the moment is exporting a 557kb wav in Cubase as a OGGVorbis. Then converted that to AAC 64 Kbps, 22.05 khz, Mono. Comes out to 3kb with decent quality. But 1kb?

Sorry, I don’t understand your question. If you want something that compresses down to something smaller than FLAC, then you necessarily will be using lossy compression. If you want it to be much smaller, then you will be sacrificing fidelity. If you object to MP3, you probably won’t be happy with alternatives like OGG or AAC either. In other words, your requirements don’t seem reasonable.

Edit: It looks like you editted your post as I was writing this post. Not sure any of this makes sense now since you’ve done that :slight_smile:.

Haha yeah I just googled some alternatives to FLAC. Is there any way i can go even small then I just did? Also would an app developer be compressing this file even further? Seems like OGG or AAC is the only way to go.

Lossy compressions have options to allow you trade fidelity for size.

I get the feeling you’re here asking if there is a secret compression that nobody else knows about :slight_smile:. The answer is no. You need to sit down with your app developer and negotiate the format that meets their needs. They should be telling you what format to use, not the other way around.

Yeah I’m going to have to speak with him more, project probably not starting for another week or so.

In the meantime can you vouch for any affordable monthly subscriptions to online royalty free sounds that are HQ? I’m going to try Splice but I think that site is more geared towards producers.

I’m looking for some kind of application myself.