Mobile songwriting session with Cubasis

Since by band is about 150 km from where I live, I have decided on buying an iPad Air with Cubasis (and some extra stuff like the iTrack Dock, two cheap monitors and some cheap keyboard with “drunk wedding and anniversary celebration musician” style sounds [sometimes called “Tischhupe” in german, which means “table buzzer”], which I leave at the place of the bands guitarist, so I only have to carry the iPad around).

It’s great. Absolutely great. This software is perfect for collecting ideas, for playing around, for quick recording of ideas (we’re working on our next album at the moment).

Also I like the simplicity of using Dropbox and the Cubasis importer into Cubase.

Here is a picture I shot with my phone before we started working this weekend:

Mobile cutlery

So, kudos to Steinberg for this great and, for Visions of Atlantis, very usable and valuable product! :slight_smile:


we are very glad to hear this and your are welcome! :slight_smile:


If I’m out I’ll take a 15 inch laptop with me with a few soft synths, etc. on it and use the laptop keyboard or the piano roll for input, monitoring on headphones.
It’s a bit clunky but does until I can get home.

This has been my intended goal since I bought Cubasis when it was originally released. I play with a group of older jazz guys and really had to avoid setting up a load of equipment for some impromptu jams. No spring chicken, as they say. It has really been a terrific ally for me with Cubase and I could not agree more.

What has really made it even easier are some of the new iPad interfaces