Mod CC not matching rerecorded pass

Any idea why CC isn’t matching the updated automation pass? Nodes are only updated when the exact cc sample has changed… There must be a setting for this?

Change the following setting in Edit > Preferences to either Controller or All:

Then in the Transport panel to the bottom left of the Cubase window, change the MIDI Record Modes to Replace.

Now double click a MIDI Part to focus the Key Editor (making sure that “Record in Editor” is enabled/red), and record your new MIDI CC pass. The previous pass will be completely replaced.

While this solves the CC issue - all MIDI data is then replaced with nothing while redoing an automation pass…

Also - is there anyway to display the changes real time vs at the end of the pass? This isn’t as critical obviously…

How are you recording your CCs? If you record while the Key Editor is in focus (like I mentioned), then the changes are shown in real time. It sounds like you’re recording from the Project Window.

Other MIDI data wont be replaced if you set “Replace Recording in Editors” to “Controller”.

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That was the issue - didn’t realize the editor required focus vs having the event selected… Thanks for all your help! @Romantique_Tp